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Friday, July 3, 2020
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Our Team

Christine Emmolo
Managing Director |

Christine brings over 15 years of experience within the recruiting industry to the forefront. Her current areas of focus are; ERM, Risk Management, EH&S, Claims and Brokerage.

Working closely with Richard Meyers over the years as his Partner, she has been responsible for being a key contributor which has enabled her to develop and incorporate all components of managing Executive Recruiting.  She has been a student of Meyers for many years learning the ins and outs of Executive Recruiting for Risk Management, EH&S and Claims professionals.  Her active involvement within the industry has enabled her to develop sustainable relationships with recruited candidates which has been a proven result of her success in fulfilling and meeting our Client’s expectations.

Christine’s attention to detail, organizational skills and ability to communicate through all levels of management and business sectors are what defines her success.  She thrives on building and maintaining strong relationships with clients and candidates. Christine’s ability to understand technical, leadership and soft skills of a candidate and match them to a company culture, is her formula to completing RMA’s searches successfully.

In 2017, Christine has been privileged to take on the leadership of RMA as Richard transitions into a consultative role for the organization.  Christine’s time with RMA has allowed her to interface successfully with key stakeholders throughout various industries, resulting in a 97% completion ratio on all retained searches.

Christine has executed a business plan that addresses the path in which both Risk Management professionals and our Clients are challenged with in the years ahead.  It is the vision of our firm to recognize how both the business initiatives of our Clients are evolving and continue to educate our candidates on the skills required to meet this criteria.

Donna Shliechkorn
Manager, Talent Acquisition |

Donna graduated with her Masters’ degree, top of her class from Rutgers University specializing in Strategic Human Resource Management. With over seven years’ experience recruiting talent at all levels of an organization on a national basis, Donna is extremely connected in her field. Her intricate schooling along with her personable skills place Donna at a very high stance within the Risk Management, Claims, and Environmental Health & Safety sector.

Donna is an expert in sourcing and screening candidates for the necessary competencies and fit needed to succeed in a role.  Not only does she match for a technical fit, but she makes sure to match professionals for a cultural fit. Donna’s resourcefulness, utilization of every source to build her talent pipeline, and analytical skills have enabled her to successfully help build best-in-class risk management, claims, and EH&S departments for multinational, multi-billion dollar corporations. Donna makes sure to qualify not only the skilled and trained employees, but the employees who seek challenge, growth, and determination to succeed. Unto future advancement for all, Donna will find the best candidate and will deliver on your tough to place job opportunities by finding that needle in the haystack. Donna has been admitted into the highly selective, Forbes Human Resources Council, an invitation-only community for HR executives; she has recently published an article on "How Corporate HR Can Utilize Executive Recruitment To Streamline The Hiring Process."

Carole Bahor
Executive Assistant/Sourcing Associate |

Carole joined RMA in 2016 to provide administrative, marketing and sourcing support to the RMA recruiting team. Carole holds a B.A. in Communications and has a diverse background having worked in the education and advertising fields. Carole brings her organizational support, communication skills to help RMA operate at peak efficiency and assist with finding talent.

Carole’s organization, communication and sourcing skills allow her to support RMA’s overall recruiting efforts to provide clients with the talent they are looking for.

Richard  Meyers
Managing Consultant 

A forty-year executive and former owner of a national executive search firm, Richard Meyers has successfully recruited for some of the most prestigious Fortune 500 corporations in America and helped establish risk consulting among the big four accounting and consulting firms. Concentrating in corporate risk, enterprise risk management, environmental health and safety, brokerage, claims management, and management information systems, Meyers has consulted with industry professionals, risk management professors and students on industry trends, career development and organizational structure and salary surveys. Meyers has been a frequent guest speaker at Risk and Insurance Management Society chapter meetings and the RIMS annual conferences.

His vision continues to evolve as the new leadership of the firm, Christine Emmolo continues the path for RMA to provide clients with successful Total Talent Management. Their collaboration over their 12 years working together at RMA has led to this seamless next step for RMA. 

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